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Agricultural Economics Society Annual Conference 2018
The Agricultural Economics Society's 92nd annual conference will be held at The University of Warwick, UK on 16th - 18th April 2018...more

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Annual Conference Program

10:15 Montserrat Costa-Font for Cesar Revoredo Giha Consumer Preferences & Marketing 1 Rate of success of new dai ... Author(s): Dr Cesar Revoredo Giha, Dr Montserrat Costa-Font
10:15 Cathal Buckley Evironmental Sustainability 1 Nitrogen use efficiency of ... Author(s): Dr. Cathal Buckley, Dr Co Daatselaar, Professor Thia Hennessy, Dr Hans Vrolijk
10:15 Stefan Wimmer Risk Management/Diversification Specialization vs Diversif ... Author(s): Mr Stefan Wimmer
10:15 Maria Cillero Profitability & Efficiency of Livestock Farms The effect of different im ... Author(s): Ms Maria Martinez Cillero, Dr Fiona  Thorne, Dr James Breen, Dr Michael Wallace
10:15 John Lynch Environmental Sustainability 1 Comparing economic perform ... Author(s): Dr John Lynch
10:15 Geoffrey Muricho Development Economics SMALLHOLDER AGRICULTURAL C ... Author(s): Postdoctoral Research Fellow Geoffrey Muricho, Professor of Economics Damiano Manda, Senior Lecturer Fredrick Sule, Head, Social Science and Impact Assessment Unit Menale Kassie
10:15 Edgar Twine Risk Management/Diversification Risk and Uncertainty in Mi ... Author(s): Dr Edgar Twine, Dr Amos Omore
10:15 Elke Plaas Technology Adoption: Effects on Productivity Effects of using cover cro ... Author(s): Dr. Elke Plaas,  Rebekka Schütte
10:15 Caroline Saunders Consumer Preferences & Marketing 1 Maximising export returns: ... Author(s): Professor Caroline Saunders, Ms Meike  Guenther , Mr  John  Saunders, Professor  Paul  Dalziel , Mr  Paul  Rutherford
18:15 Neil Chalmers Environmental Sustainability 1 Designing a healthy and su ... Author(s): Dr Neil Chalmers, Dr Cesar Revoredo-Giha
18:15 Shuwei Zeng Animal Health/Dairy Productivity EU Milk Quota Elimination: ... Author(s): Ms Shuwei Zeng, Mr Brian Gould
18:15 Daniele Vergamini Market Power The effects of bargaining ... Author(s): Mr Daniele Vergamini, Prof Fabio  Bartolini, Professor Gianluca  Brunori, Mr Paolo Prosperi, Mr Stefano Grando
18:15 Karin Heinschink Human diet/Insurance Proposing an index-based m ... Author(s): Dr. Karin Heinschink, Dr. Franz Sinabell, Dr. Thomas Url
18:15 Cosmos Adjei Market Power THE NATURE OF CONTRACTING ... Author(s): Mr Cosmos Adjei, Dr Diogo  Monjardino de Souza Monteiro , Dr Michael  Wallace
18:15 Danilo Rolim Dias de Aguiar Consumer Choices Consumers’ Attitudes Towar ... Author(s): Professor Danilo Rolim Dias de Aguiar, Mr Murilo Carlos Celestino, Dr Adelson Martins Figueiredo
11:15 Frederic Ang Profitability & Productivity The dynamic Luenberger-Hic ... Author(s): Dr Frederic Ang, Mr Pieter Jan Kerstens
11:15 Marian Rizov Rural Development/Employment/Innovation Employment effects of CAP ... Author(s): Dr Marian Rizov
11:15 Niall O'Leary Profitability & Productivity Farmer attitudes predictiv ... Author(s): Mr Niall O'Leary, Professor  Richard Bennett, Professor  Richard Tranter
11:15 David Blandford Environmental Sustainability 2 Using emissions intensity ... Author(s): Professor David Blandford, Dr. Katharine Hassapoyannes
11:15 Ian Hodge Environmental Sustainability 2 Towards a British ecosyste ... Author(s): Professor Ian  Hodge
11:15 Tisorn Songsermsawas Profitability & Productivity Impact of modern irrigatio ... Author(s): Mr Tisorn Songsermsawas, Ms Alessandra Garbero
11:15 Philip Kostov Heterogeneity in Productivity One size does not fit all: ... Author(s): Dr Philip Kostov, Prof Sophia Davidova
11:15 Simone Angioloni Rural Development/Employment/Innovation Evaluating the Effectivene ... Author(s): Dr. Simone Angioloni, Dr. Erin Sherry Erin Sherry, Dr. Ziping Wu
11:15 Vincent Smith Global Markets The Role of Risk in the Co ... Author(s): Dr. Vincent Smith,  Alessandro De Pinto,  Richard Robertson
11:15 Adelina Gschwandtner Consumer Preferences & Marketing 2 The Willingness to Pay for ... Author(s): Dr Adelina Gschwandtner, Dr Michael  Burton
11:15 Paul Caskie Rural Development/Employment/Innovation Greenhouse gas emissions o ... Author(s): Dr Paul Caskie, Mr Paul Keatley
11:15 Christopher Gilbert Global Markets Can US Biofuels Policy Exp ... Author(s): Professor Christopher Gilbert, Dr Harriet Mugera
16:00 Doris Laepple for Gordon Sirr Farmers' Attitudes & Choices An Experimental Assessment ... Author(s): Dr. Gordon Sirr, Dr. Doris Laepple, Prof. Bradford Barham
16:00 Jon Kristian Sommerseth Technology Adoption: Effects on Productivity An analysis of the financi ... Author(s): Mr Jon Kristian Sommerseth, Dr Shailesh Shrestha, Dr Michael MacLeod, Dr Agnar Hegrenes, Professor Ragnar Salte
16:00 Doris Laepple Rural Development/Employment/Innovation The Role of Innovation in ... Author(s): Dr Doris Laepple
16:00 Paula Cullen Farmers' Attitudes & Choices Farmers with attitudes (to ... Author(s): Ms Paula Cullen,  Maxime Bougard,  Declan Heery, Dr Mary Ryan, Prof Cathal O'Donoghue
16:00 Bethan Thompson Environmental Sustainability 2 Understanding expiry date ... Author(s): Miss Bethan Thompson, Dr Luiza Toma, Dr Andrew Barnes, Dr Cesar Revoredo-Giha
16:00 Konstantinos Iliakis Environmental Sustainability 2 Technology gaps and leaps ... Author(s): Mr Konstantinos Iliakis, Dr Yiorgos Gadanakis, Prof Julian Park
16:00 Paul Nyangau Technology Adoption: Effects on Productivity Assessing the impact of in ... Author(s): Mr Paul Nyangau, Dr. Beatrice Muriithi, Dr Patrick Irungu, Dr Jonathan Nzuma, Dr Glacious Diiro
09:00 Cornelius Gardebroek Partial Equilibrium Models Analysing production shock ... Author(s): Dr Cornelis Gardebroek, MSc Elselien Breman
09:00 Daniel O'Callaghan Cooperation, extension and environmental schemes An Investigation of Condit ... Author(s): Mr Daniel O'Callaghan, Professor Thia Hennessy, Dr James Breen
09:00 Danilo Rolim Dias de Aguiar Pricing Strategy, Price Elasticities Pricing Strategies in the ... Author(s): Professor Danilo Rolim Dias de Aguiar, Ms Malu N P S Cerqueira, Dr Adelson Martins Figueiredo
09:00 Ariel Singerman Cooperation, extension and environmental schemes IS AREA-WIDE PEST MANAGEME ... Author(s): Dr Ariel Singerman, Dr Sergio  Lence, Dr Pilar Useche
09:00 David Maddison Technology Adoption & Productivity What Caused the Agricultur ... Author(s): Prof David  Maddison, Prof Katrin Rehdanz
09:00 Gabor Szabo Cooperation, extension and environmental schemes Macro- and micro-level fac ... Author(s): Dr. Gábor G. Szabo, Dr. Zsolt Baranyai
09:00 Imre Ferto Trade Economics Economic crisis and global ... Author(s): Professor Imre Ferto
09:00 Jack Peerlings Cooperation, extension and environmental schemes Effect of biodiversity fee ... Author(s): dr. Jack Peerlings, MSc Anouschka Groeneveld, dr. Martha Bakker
09:00 Junaid Arshad Pricing Strategy, Price Elasticities Collusion or Historical In ... Author(s): Dr. Junaid  Arshad
09:00 Wirat Krasachat Technical Efficiency/Total Factor Productivity TECHNICAL INEFFICIENCY OF ... Author(s): Dr Wirat Krasachat
09:00 Zoltan Bakucs Trade Economics Dairy sector trade dynamic ... Author(s): Dr. Zoltan Bakucs, Dr. Imre Fertő, Dr. Jan Fałkowski
09:00 Wilfrid Legg Technology & Productivity 2 Pathways to enhance the su ... Author(s): Mr Wilfred Legg
09:00 Cristina Salvioni Technical Efficiency/Total Factor Productivity Efficiency of Prosecco gra ... Author(s): Prof. Cristina Salvioni, Prof.  Roberto Benedetti, Prof. Alessandro Pandimiglio
09:00 Myles Patton Partial Equilibrium Models Market Impact of FMD Contr ... Author(s): Dr Myles Patton, Dr Siyi Feng, Dr Julian Binfield, Professor John Davis
09:00 Nicolas Borzykowski Pricing Strategy, Price Elasticities The Swiss market for const ... Author(s): Mr. Nicolas Borzykowski