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40 years of China’s rural reform: review and prospect

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AES Annual Conference 2018
16/04/2018 - 18/04/2018, The University of Warwick

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December 2017

Letter from the President
Time for a Renaissance of Agricultural Economics?

More than a decade ago, I spoke with Philip Lowe and Neil Ward about a study on shifting boundaries across academic disciplines relating to rural issues. The working title of the project was “The Strange Death of Agricultural Economics”, and although eventually published with a more prosaic label, its content matched that original provocation. The core argument was that, as demand for traditional agricultural economics courses declined, the profession clung to an abstract, formal and neoclassical approach ill-suited to the needs for interdisciplinary approaches that changing times required. While rural geography experienced a renaissance from the 1990s onwards, the separate departments teaching the core subjects of farm management, agricultural policy and food marketing have mostly disappeared. They, along with the government and industry patronage they used to enjoy, coalesced into Business Studies or Biosciences - or withered away entirely.
I have huge respect for Philip and Neil, and personally enjoy tinkering with and recombining the cluster of rural sub-disciplines. But in hindsight it seems that their report of the profession’s death has been exaggerated. Shifts from a collegial to corporate competitive ethos, and unintended consequences of clumsy attempts at regulation, have swept away the settled frameworks and hierarchies of the late 20th century. Despite that, the Society and its two publications continue to thrive. In the face of a glut of new journals and conferences seeking to match their characteristics to ever-narrower niche interests, we need to find out why the profession has merely survived, when the issues it is interested in are so increasingly prominent?
The Society’s long-term project to produce a history, in time for its centenary in 2026, should incorporate an explanation of this evolving state of agricultural economics. In the context of the fracture of the EU, I raise a more immediate concern: the modelling and quantitative skills of economists, combined with understanding of the complex phenomenon and far-reaching consequences of agriculture, have once more become vital. The next major focus of agricultural economists should be to help shape a socially acceptable system of land use.
Peter Midmore, AES President 2017-18 (
AES Conferences 2018
Annual Conference: in 2018 the Agricultural Economics Society returns to its regular venue in the University of Warwick for its 92nd Annual Conference. We are pleased to welcome distinguished keynote speakers at the conference (Sue Davis MBE - Which? Fiona Smith - University of Leeds, Alan Winters - University of Sussex, Stefan Tangermann - University of Göttingen and former Head of Trade and Agriculture in the OECD, and Anand Menon - King's College London and UK in a Changing Europe), who will address two topics of enormous current interest: food and health, and Brexit. A plenary stakeholder discussion will also explore Brexit related questions, focusing on what farmer, retailer, environmental and animal welfare interests would like to see in post-Brexit agri-food policy. The Presidential Address will be delivered by Professor John Davis, Director of Economics at the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute, and Chief Editor of EuroChoices. Workshops and symposia will focus on topics including whether the UK can learn from the experience of reforming agricultural policy in New Zealand; agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa; and governance of the international food system. The programme also features a master class on Bayesian econometrics and two sessions on scientific publishing and impact, in association with our publisher, Wiley.
A highlight of the conference is the Annual Dinner at which prizes and AES Awards for Excellence (with speeches) are presented. Come next year to Warwick (16-18 April) to enjoy another rich and varied conference programme with a vibrant and familiar community!(
Vera Eory,Programme Secretary (
Defra-AES One-Day Conference: is now planned for 12th March 2018 and will be on the trade implications of Brexit. An email will be sent to the membership and posted on the AES website with further details in due course.
AES Prizes, Awards and Executive Nominations
The Society offers prizes in a best essay competition; best poster at Conference, and best Ph.D.student presentation at Conference; Awards for Excellence; and Travel Awards (see below) to attend selected conferences, and for study visits. We encourage members to take part through submitting nominations, essays and posters. At the 2018 Conference, three members of the Executive will be retiring after their 4-year term of office, so the Society will be seeking nominations to serve on the Executive from 2018-2022. Full details can be found on the AES website (
The past year has been one of intensive activity for the EuroChoices editorial team with positive outcomes for the journal. In the November 15 meeting of the journal’s Advisory Board in the European Commission our publishers informed us that full-text downloads at that date were 20,211 which had already surpassed the record total in 2016. Wiley are also in the process of drawing up a bespoke marketing plan for the journal in 2017. The final issue of 2017 contains a special section of six articles on the CAP and Rural Jobs, Guest Edited by Sophia Davidova and Ken Thomson. A special section on the impacts of research on European agricultural and food systems, based partly on work in the Framework project, IMPRESA is in preparation, co-ordinated by AES President, Peter Midmore. Brexit and the implications for the UK and EU agri-food and rural sectors will remain a prominent topic in EuroChoices for the foreseeable future and a special section on Brexit for the summer 2018 issue is in the early planning stages with Alan Swinbank as a Guest Editor. As ever, the Editor welcomes submissions on agri-food and rural economy issues and strongly recommends that authors consult the guidelines on the journal homepage:
John Davis, Chief Editor(

HLPE Reports. Agricultural economists might be interested in two in-depth reports from the Committee on World Food Security’s High Level Panel of Experts published in 2017, on sustainable forestry for food security (report no. 11) and nutrition and food systems (report no.12).
AES Travel Awards and non-AES events
AES Travel Awards  - 2018 Round Opening Soon
The AES makes available £10,000 annually to assist members participate at leading international conferences (maximum award £750).  Members of the AES considering attending the 30th International Conference of Agricultural Economists (ICAE) in Vancouver, 28 July to 2 August 2018 ( should visit the AES website for the application form and details on eligibility. Preference will be given to early career researchers.Note that the ICAE submission deadline for posters and papers is 15 January 2015. Look forward to seeing you in Vancouver!
Tim Lloyd, EAAE and IAAE Liaison Officer (
EAAE Seminars (
26-27 April 2018, The evaluation of new CAP instruments:  Lessons learned and the road ahead, Budapest, Hungary
30-31 August 2018, Sustainability in the Agri-Food Sector, Galway, Ireland
The European Review of Agricultural Economics is seeking a book review editor, closing deadline 1 February 2018:
Australasian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society Annual Conference, Adelaide, Australia, 6-9 February 2018.
In Memoriam Professor Sir John Marsh CBE, 1931-2017
It is with deep regret that the AES has learned of the death of Sir John Marsh on 30 September. His academic career was largely spent at Reading University (with a short period at Aberdeen University) where he was appointed Professor of Agricultural Economics and Management in 1984, Head of the Department in 1985 and Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture and Food in 1986. He served the Society as Secretary, was its President in 1985-86 and was honoured with the Society’s Award for Excellence in 2012. He was a member of numerous industry bodies,including the Potato Marketing Board, and was the Chairman of the Agricultural Wages Board for England and Wales from 1991-1997, which led to the award of the CBE in 1993. He was knighted in 1999 for his contributions to agricultural education. A full obituary will be published in the JAE.
The Newsletter is also posted on the AES website ( The deadline for the receipt
of material for the next issue is 23rd March 2018, to
Posted: 09:53:08 - 13/12/2017

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