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AES Newsletter

December 2019

Letter from the President
Climate Change and Farmer Wellbeing

Climate change is impacting on agriculture, both through consequences such as extreme weather events and through major changes in policy. New Zealand is in an unusual position with 48 per cent of its greenhouse gases coming from agriculture. The New Zealand government has passed a Zero Carbon Bill with zero emissions by 2050. The agricultural sector has until 2022 to show how it will achieve this; otherwise, it will go into the Emissions Trading Scheme in 2025. In the UK, agricultural emissions are about 10 per cent of the total, but the UK also has the ambition of net zero emissions by 2050.

Both countries must work out how to measure the emissions, the point of obligation, the treatment of methane and the methods available to farmers to reduce emissions, and how to support farmers through the transition. There is also the issue of trade and the potential substitution of imports produced with higher emissions (New Zealand has relatively low carbon emission per unit of output). New Zealand and the UK have strong links and it will be interesting to see how negotiations between the countries address these issues. Given WTO rules, this may be through a new trade agreement and/or through promoting consumer preferences for products with low carbon footprints. New Zealand was the first country to adopt a formal well-being budget in 2019.

Whilst it is early days to see how this will transform policy, it is a step in the right direction. One consequence is a shift in policy thinking to put more weight on the well being of those in the agricultural sector, given the changes mentioned above. A key challenge for the profession is to research the distinctive role of government to ensure transitions that consider farmer wellbeing.

Wishing you all the very best for 2020.

Caroline Saunders AES President 2019-20 (saunmderc@lincoln.ac.nz)

AES Conferences

Defra-AES One-Day Conference: Friday 17 January 2020, Defra, Nobel House, London, Going to zero: UK agriculture's contribution to climate change mitigation. This conference was rescheduled due to the General Election in the UK on 10 December. Programme and registration details can be found on the AES website at: https://www.aes.ac.uk/events_more.asp?eventID=129&page=1

Michael Bourne, Defra (Michael.Bourne@defra.gov.uk)

AES Annual Conference: from 15-17 April 2020 the 94th annual conference will be held in KU Leuven, in cooperation with the Belgian Agricultural Economics Association (BVLE), which promises to be a great event, taking place in an historic building in a wonderful city. Discussions of topical issues, research findings - and more social events such as beer tasting, cycling and running - will all feature at next year’s Conference! The last call for papers and presentations was open until December 20, and updates can be followed on the AES website. The keynote speaker will be Professor Louise Fresco, President of the Executive Board of WUR, and Professor Janet Dwyer (University of Gloucestershire will give the Presidential Address. A symposium on the economics of animal welfare will be chaired by Professor Helena Hansson (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) and a workshop on food and health will be chaired by Dr Ellen Van Loo (Wageningen University). I look forward to seeing you in Leuven!

Frederic Ang, Programme Secretary (frederic.ang@wur.nl)
EAAE Seminars and Congress

10-14 February 2020, 14th International European Forum on System Dynamics and Innovation in Food Networks, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

13-15 May 2020, The wind of change of sustainability standards: sailing economic, governance, and policy perspectives, Gargnano, Italy

EAAE Seminars (www.eaae.org)

The next EAAE Congress will be held in Prague from 25-28 August 2020 with the theme Raising the Impact of Agricultural Economics: Multidisciplinarity, Stakeholder Engagement and Novel Approaches. Information can be found at:  http://www.eaae.org/Congress.aspx and http://www.eaae2020.org AES members may be eligible for a grant to support participation (https://www.aes.ac.uk/travel-awards).  The next call for travel awards will be in May 2020.

Tim Lloyd, AES-IAAE/EAAE Liaison Officer (tlloyd@bournemouth.ac.uk)

Mid-Term AES Executive Meeting
The Mid-Term Executive meeting was held in London on 11 October. The President for 2020-21 is Professor Janet Dwyer (Gloucestershire) and the President-Elect is Jonathan Brooks (OECD). There will be three vacancies for ordinary members of the Executive at the next annual conference in Leuven and AES members will be invited to submit nominations in due course. The Society will honour Paul Caskie (Chair of the AES Executive) for the Outstanding Contribution to Public Policy, Industry and the Society Award, and Dr Adewale Adenuga (AFBI and Queen’s University Belfast) for the Outstanding Young Researcher Award.

Please note that the AES Twitter account is attracting more followers (around 480 at present) and is a great vehicle to promote work!

AES-Wiley Publishing Agreement

The Society has completed negotiations of a 7-year publishing agreement with Wiley, which will come into effect from 1 January 2020. The highlights of the new agreement include securing a higher share of total revenue (royalties), additional financial contributions provided by Wiley through funding two AES Travel Awards, sponsoring EuroChoices translations and Conference Poster Prizes, financing EuroChoices access by EAAE members, and removing page limits for the JAE and EuroChoices (subject to forward annual plans submitted by the journal Editors to Wiley). The agreement also clearly defines the respective responsibilities of Wiley and the AES.
Over the period of the agreement, changes already apparent in academic publishing will accelerate as Open Access publishing expands and traditional subscription based services contract. Partnering with a global academic publisher, working to improve the reach and impact of the Society’s journals, anticipating and adapting to a changing publishing environment will provide real benefits, further strengthening the mission of the AES to promote reasoned debate and support its members.

Many thanks are due to Paul Caskie, Derek Shepherd and Steven Ramsden, who negotiated the agreement on behalf of the AES, and to the staff at Wiley for their unfailing cooperation.

Wilfrid Legg, AES Honorary Secretary (wilfrid_legg@hotmail.com)


Future issues of EuroChoices include articles on a wide range of topics and countries and a special issue is planned on the theme Towa    rds Sustainable and Resilient EU Farming Systems largely based on material from the SURE-Farm project, funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020, coordinated by Wageningen University. The Editor welcomes submissions, and author guidelines can be found at:  https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/page/journal/1746692x/homepage/forauthors.html

John Davis, Chief Editor (eurochoices@aes.ac.uk)                

In Memoriam
Philip Lund, 1942-2019

It is with deep regret that the AES has learned of the death of Philip Lund, who held a number of senior posts within the Economics and Statistics Group of the then UK Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, latterly as the head of the Economics and Statistics Commodities and Food Divisions, and Visiting Reader at Harper Adams University. He was a long-standing and active member of the AES and its President from 1998-1999. A memorial service was held in Nantwich on 2 December, attended by several members of the AES, and an obituary will be published in the JAE in due course.

The Newsletter is also posted on the AES website (ww.aes.ac.uk).  The deadline for items for the next issue is 13 April 2020, to wilfrid_legg@hotmail.com

AES Annual Conference 2020
***Cancelled 10th March 2020***...more

AES Annual Conference 2020
***Cancelled 10th March 2020***...more

XVIth Congress of the European Association of Agricultural Economists
25/08/2020 - 28/08/2020, Prague Czech Republic

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