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Defra/AES One-Day Conference

Keith Fuglie (United States Department of Agriculture): 
The importance of agricultural total factor productivity growth for global food and environmental security PDF

Jesús Anton (OECD):
Agricultural Total Factor Productivity and the environment PDF

Johannes Sauer (Technical University of Munich): 
The impact of agri-environment schemes on farm productivity PDF

Anne Murthy (Farming Economics, Defra): 
The UK Government’s approach to agricultural productivity

Andrew Barnes (Scotland’s Rural College)
Barriers to agricultural productivity growth in Scotland

Trevor Donnellan (RoI’s Agriculture and Food Development Authority): 
GHG emission mitigation and
agricultural production PDF

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Defra/AES One Day Conference
Fairness in the agricultural supply chain (title TBC)...more

Technical University of Munich
Ph.D. Junior Researcher in Agricultural and Resource Economics...more