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AES Awards

AES Awards

AES Awards for Excellence
The Agricultural Economics Society recognises outstanding achievement by its members through Awards for Excellence. Nominations are invited for awards in the following categories:
  • Outstanding Young Researcher
  • (Outstanding) Lifetime Achievement:
    Teaching and Learning
    Public Policy, Industry or the Society
The Outstanding Young Researcher award is for achievement whilst under 40 years of age and nominations should be based on the type of criteria used in British universities to assess excellence in research, as is the Lifetime Research Achievement award. However, nominations should not be based rigidly on these criteria. Rather they should be used only as guidelines in mounting a case for an award. Awards in the Outstanding Teaching and Learning category are based upon Innovation in Learning and Teaching (ILT) guidelines.
Previous winners of AES Awards for Excellence are listed below. Nominations should be for a member of the Society. Each nomination should be supported by two members of the Society and should be accompanied by supporting evidence of not more than two pages. Initially nominations should be submitted, without the nominee's knowledge, to the Secretary, Wilfrid Legg, at wilfrid_legg@hotmail.com not later than 1st October in any year for consideration at the Mid-term Executive Committee Meeting. Nominees to whom awards are made will then be contacted to ascertain that they are willing to accept the award. Awards will be announced prior to the Annual Conference and presented at the Conference Dinner.
Past Recipients:


Outstanding Young Researcher

Lifetime Research Achievement

Outstanding Contribution to Teaching and Learning

Outstanding Contribution to Public Policy, Industry or the Society



Tony Rayner




Richard Tiffin



Tony Giles




John Lingard





Dan Rigby



Bhavani Shankar


Philip Leat






Nigel Williams/John Davis


No awards





Salvatore di Falco

Colin Thirtle


David Colman




John McInerney/Allan Buckwell/Professor John Nix


Thia Hennessy


Steve Wiggins

John Marsh/David Harvey


Mario Mazzochi

Martin Upton

Martin Upton

Bob Bansback and Ken Thomson





James Jones and Alan Matthews





David Blandford, Wilfrid Legg and Cathal O’Donoghue




Berkeley Hill


Danny Campbell


Wyn Morgan

Derek Shepherd


Nick Hanley

Keith Howe

Keith Howe

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