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Prize Article Award

Prize Article Award

The Agricultural Economics Society Prize Article Award (formerly the Prize Essay Award) is generously supported by the David Blandford and Katharine Hassapoyannes Endowment Trust. In addition to the award, the winning candidate will receive support with travel costs and be invited to present their article and receive their award at the annual Agricultural Economics Society conference.

The Agricultural Economics Society invites submissions on the following conditions:
a)    Articles must be an original piece of work and be sole authored. Support from supervisors or other advisors can be given in the acknowledgements.
b)    The competition is open to anyone who is within six years of registering for a PhD or under 35 if they have not registered for a PhD. Appropriate allowances will be made for entrants who have registered for a part-time PhD.
c)    The competition is open to innovative and diverse types of contribution in agricultural economics, for example, new theoretical insights, empirical research, critical literature reviews and essays that assess current thinking on topics of interest to the Society. Articles must be presented in the style and length appropriate to a paper submitted for publication in the Journal of Agricultural Economics. (Notes on submission are contained on the inside back cover of each issue of the Journal and on the Journal website).
d)    Anonymised entries should be submitted by 30th November, and sent as an electronic attachment (pdf) with a covering letter containing the author’s details, to the Secretary of the AES: secretariat@aes.ac.uk
e)    A panel of editors from the Journal of Agricultural Economics will act as judges, with discretion to award prize money of £3,000 for a winning article, or for that prize money to be divided between more than one winner. Their decision will be final. If no articles are considered suitable the judges reserve the right not to make an award in any particular year.
f)     Travel costs, conditional on presenting the article at the AES conference, will be awarded, up to a maximum of £1,000 for each winning candidate.
g)  The winning article (or articles), after such revisions as the judges suggest, will be published in the Journal of Agricultural Economics.
h) The winning author(s) will be invited to present their article and receive their prize at the annual Agricultural Economics Society conference.

Past winners of the Prize Essay Competition (the year shown is that in which the award was presented)

1963 J.B.Dent
1964 J.Dixon
1965 No award made
1966 D.R.Colman & G.E.Dalton
1967 A.J.Rayner
1968 L.D.McClements
1969 No award made
1970 J.Lingard
1971 H.Wagstaff & J.O.S.Kennedy
1972 D.Blandford
1973 T.J.Ryan
1974 No award made
1975 No award made
1976 No award made
1977 M.Hector & D.M.Shucksmith
1978 E.J.Woods & P.J.Dawson
1979 No award made
1980 No award made
1981 P.Townsend
1982 M.Burton
1983 G.N.Robinson
1984 J.R.Coleman & P.M.de Kobbe
1985 B.White
1986 No award made
1987 No award made
1988 J.G.Beynon
1989 D.Pannell
1990 R.Tiffin
1991 A.J.Balance
1992 T.A.Lloyd
1993 D.N.Cooper
1944 No award made
1995 A.Bailey & P.Vaze
1996 S.S.Hussain
1997 Klaus Salhofer
1998 Mary Keeney
1999 Andrew Barnes
2000 No award made
2001 Atanu Ghoshray
2002 Habtu Weldegebriel
2003 No award made
2004 No award made
2005 No award made
2006 Abbie McCartney
2007 Danny Campbell
2008 Laura Greig
2009 Doris Laepple & Graeme Doole
2010 No award made
2011 Giacomo Zanello & Luca Panzone
2012 Marit Kragt
2013 No award made
2014 No award made 
2015 Frederic Ang & Pieter Jan Kerstens.  Rebecca Owusu.
2016 Hao Lan
2017 Alaya Spencer-Cotton
2018 Judith Hillen
2019 Monserrath Ximena Lascano Galarza
2020 Le Ngoc Lan
2021 Chinonso Etumnu
2022 Curtis Rollins
Entries must be received by 30th November

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