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Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ

The junior research group AgriScape, funded within the BMBF programme Social-Ecological Research, offers three PhD positions in Leipzig, Germany:

1.            Modelling ecosystem services in multifunctional agricultural landscapes under uncertainty and climate change: https://recruitingapp-5128.de.umantis.com/Vacancies/2552/Description/2 [EN], https://recruitingapp-5128.de.umantis.com/Vacancies/2552/Description/1 [DE]

2.            Economic valuation of ecosystem services and biodiversity in agricultural landscapes: https://recruitingapp-5128.de.umantis.com/Vacancies/2548/Description/2 [EN], https://recruitingapp-5128.de.umantis.com/Vacancies/2548/Description/1 [DE]

3.            Effects of agri-environmental policy on farmers' behaviour: https://recruitingapp-5128.de.umantis.com/Vacancies/2549/Description/2 [EN], https://recruitingapp-5128.de.umantis.com/Vacancies/2549/Description/1 [DE]

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